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It's ALL in the planning! 

For each and every project we will work with you from the first line of the first idea, to storyboarding each shot needed to bring your project to life. We'll visit location, and work with you to make sure that when we press record, filming is as seamless, creative, cost effective and fun as possible. 



We can handle anything!

Whatever your production needs, whether it's specialised cameras or specific lighting or audio requirements, we can handle it all for you. Our small and dedicated teams of directors and shooters are experienced in all types of filming. We love capturing stories and we love beautiful pictures. Whether it's making your documentary come alive, directing talent or capturing commercial video content we have you covered.



The Power of the Edit

We are post production experts. Every group of shots should have a story - placement is everything. The prettiest pictures in the world are nothing if the story is not told in a thoughtful and considered way. We have full post production facilities to help our experienced team of producers make sure your story is told the way you want it.



Everything looks amazing from the sky!

Drone videography is so powerful when it is used in a considered way. We have fully licenced drone pilots that are also talented camera operators meaning their shots are composed with your project in mind. We are also accredited ReOc holders meaning we can get approval to pretty much fly anywhere!


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Passing it on

We're all about sharing our knowledge with you.  We've worked in commercial television as producers, directors and shooters for too long to mention. If you're a young filmmaker looking for advice, or a business looking to create your own content, or you want to teach your team about the power of video, let us help.

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